Our History

The first church in the Carmichael area, Carmichael Community Church was officially established on December 2, 1923. In 1925 church leaders chose affiliation with the Presbyterian Church because it provided much-needed structure and administrative support. They also liked the democratic organization of the denomination and its emphasis on education. Throughout the past century, Carmichael and Carmichael Presbyterian Church have grown and developed together.

Our Legacy

CPC has a long legacy in Carmichael and the greater Sacramento area. Our Heritage Committee maintains archives of documents of historical significance and published a book, Heritage of Faith: A 75-Year History of Carmichael Presbyterian Church in 1998.

About Us

Centennial Celebrations

Centennial celebrations are in the works for all of 2023 as we celebrate 100 years of praising God and serving the community. The year-long celebration includes the publishing of a companion book to Heritage of Faith, to be titled Stories of Faith.

How do I purchase the book Heritage of Faith?

To purchase a copy of Heritage of Faith: A 75-Year History of Carmichael Presbyterian Church contact the church office.

How can I read more about CPC history?

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